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Monday, March 19, 2012

What Are They Thinking?

So they lose out on Manning and Flynn. The knuckleheads running the Dolphins organization is bringing them down the crapper. As a Dolphin fan, it is sad to see the franchise going the wrong direction. They begin by bringing in all the Dallas Cowboys rejects, drafting Chad Henne, and every other horrible decision Jeff Ireland along with Stephen Ross. I do not get how the Dolphins lost out to the Seahawks for Matt Flynn. Actually I do, Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross. You would think that with Philbin being the Dolphins coach, Matt Flynn would feel comfortable with his system and it would be an easy recruit for the Dolphins. Matt Flynn would have obviously been the starting QB compared to having to fight for the position in Seattle.

The Miami Dolphins have such a great history, but it has not been the same since Marino left, yes things have been shaky but not as bad as I feel the Dolphins are now. Big time free agents are not going to want to play in Miami until Ireland is gone. Which from what I have seen is that he is a a big time douche bag. The Dolphins are falling slowing as Miami's top franchises. When the teams needs to buy tickets in order for the game to be shown on TV, you had a serious problem. At the rate the Dolphins are going, less and less fans will be rooting for them.

What they need to do is, following the Miami Heat and Miami Marlins and start spending some money. Miami is a beautiful town, and can be a great place to live and play at. But if the team does not have a great vision, do not expect to have great players,


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Up Your Damn Mind!

I am getting tired hearing about how much Dwight Howard is changing his mind. He is playing around and insulting with Magic's fans and organization. One minute he says he wants to stay and the next minute he wants to leave. If I was running the Magic's organization, I ship him out immediately. I would not wait to see if he will commit to staying long term in Orlando. Just by seeing how indecisive he is, means that he does not want to stay in Orlando. He knows that Orlando does not have the trading pieces to bring in another top caliber player and with all the long term contracts they have, it will be hard for them to even sign a top caliber player. Orlando should just trade him now and take advantage of what is out there. I bet Dwight Howard has become a huge headache for the Magic organization and the Magic's fans. I have read many comments on twitters about how displeased and annoyed Magic fans are with Dwight. This is a Carmelo Anthony drama all over again just 10x worst.

I know a lot of people criticized LeBron James about his one hour Decision special, but at least he was hush hush about where he was planning on going during the season. He did not create a list of destination during the season, he was not giving the Cleveland fans or the organization a headache during the season (the free agency period is a different story), and even though some claimed that he "quit" against the Celtics in  game six (stats say something different) he was not as indecisive and annoying as Dwight Howard is being right now.

My recommendations to the Magic (not that it matters) is trade Howard to whatever team is giving them the best deal/package. If Howard does not sign an extension with that team, who cares that is their problem. The Magic should not let him walk away freely or even do a sign and trade. Why help Howard make more money in a different team? The Magic should not let themselves get screwed over like the Raptors and Cavaliers did when Bosh and James left. All they got back were some draft picks. In the other hand, Denver played smart and got some good young talent in return when they traded Melo to the Knicks.

My final word is, Howard MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND! You are become a pain in the A$$. Every other post I read on any sports site is about how every hour Dwight has changed his mind.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team Chemistry

So everyone that has played competitive sport knows that team chemistry and team work is always important. Well not all teams in sports seem to understand that. Many people have always said that having too many all starts in a team can ruin a team chemistry. When Wade, James and Bosh decided to to play together in Miami, a lot of people doubted that they will be able to build a good team chemistry because their egos was going to get in the way. When they began last season 9-8, their chemistry was off. Once they had the player only meeting, they went on a nice win streak. Look at Miami now. They are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA, and they are on the best teams in the league as well.

Now New York is completely a different story. Carmelo and Stoudemire playing together sounds dangerous. Having Baron Davis and J.R. Smith coming off the bench makes even more scary. On paper, the Knicks look like a scary team who should be right next to the Heat and Bulls in the East. With the team they have, there is no reason for the Knicks to be six games below .500%. Last year when the Knicks had OK players and Stoudemire was the go to person, they played much better. There were a real team! Once Carmelo came, everything went down hill. Amare's points went down, and the team was not playing good basketball. I am not going to put all the blame on Carmelo, but he is a big factor.

Another factor is Mike D'Antoni. Everyone knows that his style of coach is has no defense involved. He style is to score in seven seconds. As we all know, "DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS". You would think that his style would had change since it did not work out in Phoenix. You would think that the players would still try to play some defense though. That New York Knicks team is all messed up. Starting from the owner all the way down to the toilet cleaning person.. The only person that is consistent in Knicks organization is Spike Lee.

New York needs to bring a coach that will set the team straight or start letting go of players. Beginning with Carmelo. If they stay this way, the team will not make it anywhere. Good luck playing Miami or the Bulls in the first round if they even get the 8th spot.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Would You Pick Manning?

Now that Peyton Manning is a free agent for this year.The question is, is he really worth taking a chance? I know that out of all the QB's that are free agents this off season, Peyton Manning is the more experienced and successful one. The list of available QB's is just not that strong. If Peyton would not have been released, the top QB would have been Matt Flynn. Not trying to say Matt Flynn is not a good QB but Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. That changes the everything for QB's becoming free agents. If I was the President of Operations for a team needing a QB, I would carefully examine Peyton Manning though. I know that there are times that surgeries make players injured part stronger (Tommy John surgery) but a neck surgery is something serious.

So would you prefer Peyton Manning who can give two maybe three good years (if no other neck injury occurs) or take let's say Matt Flynn who is still young, can give a team five years if he is successful. The other QB's that are going to be free agents, ehhhh lets say they have shown to be inconsistent or not starting QB material. So it seems like the only choices are Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. And Peyton Manning is already leaning towards the Broncos (John Elway sure does not trust Tim Tebow) and Cardinals.

If I had to pick, I might go with Matt Flynn. I know he has not proven himself yet, but in the two games he played, he showed he has the ability to be a starting QB. He is young and will be part of the team for a while. I know Manning has had a successful career but he is past his prime and one blow to the neck area can change everything.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What If Howard Leaves?

So Derrick Rose is tired of hearing all about the Dwight Howard drama. Can't lie, me too. Now the question I ask myself is how will the nation react if Dwight Howard decides to leave Orlando through free agency just like LeBron? Are people going to dislike Howard as much as thet disliked LeBron? Why did people even get mad about LeBron going to play in Miami? He was a free agent. Key word, free!

I think Howard will end up leaving. Orlando does not have the trading pieces to trade for another good player to play along with Howard. Teams will trade their best players only for Howard not Hedo and his huge contract. So lets say he does leave, will people burn his jersey? Will the Magics' owner talk smack about Howard like Dan Gilbert did? I really don't see it happening because I doubt Howard will do his own version of the "Decision".  Again if he becomes a FREE agent he can go anywhere.  But fans like to take things to heart and become over dramatic.  I'm pretty excited to see what happens with Orlando and Dwight Howard. 

On a side note, players can't always be too faithful to there teams. Look at Peyton Manning. The Colts decided to let him go because they are in a rebuilding process. Best of luck to Manning and Howard.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peyton Manning

With reports saying that the Colts are planning to release Peyton Manning tomorrow. The question is, where is he going to play next? Miami, Arizona, New York, Kansas City, or Seattle? I think that at this point of his career, playing outside in cold weather is not a option. He has played in a dome his entire career and the only team with a dome is Arizona. Hey Kurt Warner rejuvenated his career in Arizona. And I know Larry Fitzgerald would not mind catching deep passes from Peyton Manning. But I bet Brandon Marshall wouldn't mind either. Peyton Manning is obviously is a short term solution. Maybe a three year solution. That is if no serious injury happens to his neck.

I think his best choice is Miami or Arizona. Plus if he goes to Miami, he has the chance to really out due Tom Brady. The video of Peyton Manning practicing in Duke showed that he is still still throwing good. Which ever team he goes to, he will be an upgrade. I'm excited to see who he signs with once he is released.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bosh, Hurry Back!

So many people like to complain about Chris Bosh and have said that he is too soft. Shaq even said that Bosh was not part of the Big Three. If I can recall, when both Wade and LeBron were out against Atlanta, CB stepped up and brought his A game. The Heat barely won on Thursday and of course lost by one point on Friday, but it is still a loss in the lost column. And todays game against the Lakers, it was not that pretty.

Bosh makes a big difference both defensively and offensively. If Bosh was playing, Lebron would not had to defend Pau. Lebron is big, but Pau is still taller. Also, Lebron would have guarded Kobe. On offense, with Chris outside shot he would bring out one of the Lakers bigs which would allow more points in the paint.

I just think some Heat fans, and sports journalist such as Skip Bayless should lay off of Bosh. He goes out there and plays 100% everyday. His style of play is just different than the usual bigs of the NBA. All I have to say is, Bosh hurry back.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Monta Ellis to Orlando?

Orlando Magic are reaching out to the Warriors about trading for Monta Ellis. Obviously the Magic are trying to do any "good" move to keep Dwight Howard. I just do not think the Warriors will trade Monta Ellis for just any player. The Magic can try to add a third team into the mix, but Orlando does not have players that attract other teams. And with whatever trade Orlando tries to package, Hedo's contract is going to be in there. I am more than sure the Warriors will not follow with that trade. Orlando you will have a hard time pairing another good player with Dwight Howard. I still see Dwight Howard leaving after the offseason.

Rajon Rondo

So it was said yesterday that Rajon Rondo was on the trading block, now Doc Rivers said that Rajon Rondo won't be dealt. It is not the first time that Rajon Rondo has been mentioned as part of a trade. Obviously the reason is he always being mentioned is because he is young, a true PG and he can be traded for other good young players. Pierce, Garnett and Allen are all old and other teams will not really trade for them unless they are in desperate need. So of course Rondo is their best trading piece. I also think that trading Rondo would not be a great idea. Rondo would be a good player to build a team around. With the Big Three getting closer to retiring, they need a piece to build around. The Celtics do not have anybody else in the team to build around except Rondo. I also think that you should not trade you best piece anywhere else except Orlando for Dwight Howard. March 15th is right around the corner. We'll see what happens before the trade deadline. Things always get more interesting on the last day.