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Monday, March 12, 2012

Would You Pick Manning?

Now that Peyton Manning is a free agent for this year.The question is, is he really worth taking a chance? I know that out of all the QB's that are free agents this off season, Peyton Manning is the more experienced and successful one. The list of available QB's is just not that strong. If Peyton would not have been released, the top QB would have been Matt Flynn. Not trying to say Matt Flynn is not a good QB but Peyton Manning is Peyton Manning. That changes the everything for QB's becoming free agents. If I was the President of Operations for a team needing a QB, I would carefully examine Peyton Manning though. I know that there are times that surgeries make players injured part stronger (Tommy John surgery) but a neck surgery is something serious.

So would you prefer Peyton Manning who can give two maybe three good years (if no other neck injury occurs) or take let's say Matt Flynn who is still young, can give a team five years if he is successful. The other QB's that are going to be free agents, ehhhh lets say they have shown to be inconsistent or not starting QB material. So it seems like the only choices are Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn. And Peyton Manning is already leaning towards the Broncos (John Elway sure does not trust Tim Tebow) and Cardinals.

If I had to pick, I might go with Matt Flynn. I know he has not proven himself yet, but in the two games he played, he showed he has the ability to be a starting QB. He is young and will be part of the team for a while. I know Manning has had a successful career but he is past his prime and one blow to the neck area can change everything.

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