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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Team Chemistry

So everyone that has played competitive sport knows that team chemistry and team work is always important. Well not all teams in sports seem to understand that. Many people have always said that having too many all starts in a team can ruin a team chemistry. When Wade, James and Bosh decided to to play together in Miami, a lot of people doubted that they will be able to build a good team chemistry because their egos was going to get in the way. When they began last season 9-8, their chemistry was off. Once they had the player only meeting, they went on a nice win streak. Look at Miami now. They are one of the best defensive teams in the NBA, and they are on the best teams in the league as well.

Now New York is completely a different story. Carmelo and Stoudemire playing together sounds dangerous. Having Baron Davis and J.R. Smith coming off the bench makes even more scary. On paper, the Knicks look like a scary team who should be right next to the Heat and Bulls in the East. With the team they have, there is no reason for the Knicks to be six games below .500%. Last year when the Knicks had OK players and Stoudemire was the go to person, they played much better. There were a real team! Once Carmelo came, everything went down hill. Amare's points went down, and the team was not playing good basketball. I am not going to put all the blame on Carmelo, but he is a big factor.

Another factor is Mike D'Antoni. Everyone knows that his style of coach is has no defense involved. He style is to score in seven seconds. As we all know, "DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS". You would think that his style would had change since it did not work out in Phoenix. You would think that the players would still try to play some defense though. That New York Knicks team is all messed up. Starting from the owner all the way down to the toilet cleaning person.. The only person that is consistent in Knicks organization is Spike Lee.

New York needs to bring a coach that will set the team straight or start letting go of players. Beginning with Carmelo. If they stay this way, the team will not make it anywhere. Good luck playing Miami or the Bulls in the first round if they even get the 8th spot.

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