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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Up Your Damn Mind!

I am getting tired hearing about how much Dwight Howard is changing his mind. He is playing around and insulting with Magic's fans and organization. One minute he says he wants to stay and the next minute he wants to leave. If I was running the Magic's organization, I ship him out immediately. I would not wait to see if he will commit to staying long term in Orlando. Just by seeing how indecisive he is, means that he does not want to stay in Orlando. He knows that Orlando does not have the trading pieces to bring in another top caliber player and with all the long term contracts they have, it will be hard for them to even sign a top caliber player. Orlando should just trade him now and take advantage of what is out there. I bet Dwight Howard has become a huge headache for the Magic organization and the Magic's fans. I have read many comments on twitters about how displeased and annoyed Magic fans are with Dwight. This is a Carmelo Anthony drama all over again just 10x worst.

I know a lot of people criticized LeBron James about his one hour Decision special, but at least he was hush hush about where he was planning on going during the season. He did not create a list of destination during the season, he was not giving the Cleveland fans or the organization a headache during the season (the free agency period is a different story), and even though some claimed that he "quit" against the Celtics in  game six (stats say something different) he was not as indecisive and annoying as Dwight Howard is being right now.

My recommendations to the Magic (not that it matters) is trade Howard to whatever team is giving them the best deal/package. If Howard does not sign an extension with that team, who cares that is their problem. The Magic should not let him walk away freely or even do a sign and trade. Why help Howard make more money in a different team? The Magic should not let themselves get screwed over like the Raptors and Cavaliers did when Bosh and James left. All they got back were some draft picks. In the other hand, Denver played smart and got some good young talent in return when they traded Melo to the Knicks.

My final word is, Howard MAKE UP YOUR DAMN MIND! You are become a pain in the A$$. Every other post I read on any sports site is about how every hour Dwight has changed his mind.

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