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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hard Fouls

Derrick Rose has been complaining about him getting fouled too hard. Dude you are PG who like to drive it in. Expect to get hit nasty inside the paint. Just be happy you did not play basketball with some of the big man from before. There have been some really nasty fouls and not nearly as bad as what happens to Derrick Rose.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Chris Bosh is the Key

So many Heat fans like to think that Wade and LeBron are the two most important pieces for the Heat. Which of course they are important, but we have seen that if one is out the other one can pick up the slack. But if Bosh was to be out, who will pick up his game? We have all seen what Bosh is capable of doing during his time in Toronto, and earlier this season when both Wade and LeBron were out. During last year's playoffs, Bosh was the more consistent one of the Big Three.

When your number three scorer is averaging 18 points a game, and they are ranked in the top 30 in scoring that is really good. I know that at times Bosh can be a bit soft in the paint but that is just not his style. He is not your Dennis Rodman who fights for rebounds. But the Heat need Bosh if they want to win a championship. With him able to pull a defender out of the paint, it gives Wade and LeBron the chance to drive it in. He can also make clutch shots when needed. I am not saying Bosh is the got to piece, but he can be that piece that can turn things around for the Heat.

As long as Bosh keeps playing the same way he did against the Knicks yesterday, the Heat will be dangerous.When the Big Three are on fire, it makes the whole team much more dangerous. With the playoffs a few weeks away, the Heat needs to get things rolling. The losses to Boston and Chicago last week is not something to be paranoid about but they need to see how they are going to make the rotation work in the playoffs. As long as Spoelstra keeps Bosh rolling through out the game and makes LeBron close the game, the Heat should not have a problem.

Not everyone will agree that Bosh can make a big difference but if he plays hard until the end, than I do see Miami holding up the championship trophy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does Ozzie Deserve It?

Did Ozzie really say something wrong? Just because he said he loves Castro and admires him, does he deserves to be suspended five games? I understand why the Cuban people in Miami are all mad about what he said and I am pretty sure they want him out of Miami. Fidel has done many bad things to the Cubans, they way he has ran the country has not been the best way. Look, I was born and raised in Miami. I know how the Cubans in Miami can be hot heads sometimes, but what happen to freedom of speech though? I thought that here in the US, everyone had freedom of speech? Why is the Marlins organization blowing that little comment up?

Ozzie did not show so much admiration and love towards Fidel. They are just reacting to the love and admiring part, but he also mentioned that he disagreed with how Fidel has treated the people of Cuba and how he has treated the country. He also said that there is nothing to respect about Fidel. What the Marlins are trying to do is just keep their Cuban fan base. Since the stadium is smack down in the middle of Little Havana, they want the Cuban people in Miami to continue going to their games.

Their decision to suspend him was more of a business reason than showing respect to the Cuban community. For them to react that way is just a bit over board. I think I'll start a Free Ozzie campaign! Wash when he comes back and the Marlins go on a crazy winning streak, every Cuban that was mad about his comments will forget it and want him to stay in Miami.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dumb and Dumber

For the past couple of weeks, two of the NBA's most dominant Centers have been acting like clowns. Even after Dwight Howard has committed to stay with Orlando for next season, the drama there has not ended. As I had stated before, Orlando should have traded Dwight Howard. I am not too much of a believer on rumors but  the way things have been in Orlando this season, I believe Dwight wanting Van Gundy fired is true. And for Otis Smith to say that the rumors are not true, too late. They have been spread out already and everyone is going to be paying attention to see what happens at the end of the season. All the drama going on is just hurting the team.

On the other coast, you have Andrew Bynum. This guy his saying whatever is coming out his ass. Being an All-Star this season has made his head big and he thinks he can do whatever he likes. He is starting arguments with everybody and anybody.

What the organization needs to do to both these players is sit them down and tell them they need to get their act straight, go play some basketball, no drama on and off the court or they will be put on the inactive list for the remainder of the season.