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Monday, November 26, 2012

Miami Marlins

I know I am a bit late on the subject but I am deciding to write about it now. After reading that the Rays have agreed to give Evan Longoria $100 million contract extension, made me think about the Marlins and how they love to dump off their great talent. The Marlins have brought up great players through their farm system and have become top players in the MLB. A perfect example would be Miguel Cabrera and Giancarlo Stanton. Just imagine if the Marlins would have paid Cabrera what he deserves and was still playing for them along with Stanton. The Marlins need to learn how to make their players happy and develop a strong team. If they were to keep most of their top prospects, the Marlins would be a contender every season. Obviously all the spending they did last year did not pay off, but it does help to continue developing strong players.

The Marlins tend to let go of players who have one bad season because they did not want to pay them. Look at Heath Bell, did not play up to management's "expectation", BOOM! Gone! Instead of letting go of all the good talent why not keep them for next year and continue building from there. The owner is just being cheap and pretty much robbed the people of Miami. Hey every team goes through a funk unless you are the Yankees and have all the money. They Rays were not good for a long time and but stuck with their players and continue developing a strong farm system. Now they have a strong core of players that they can build around. That is something the Marlins need to learn. Best of luck to the Marlins trying to fill their stadium and have a loyal fan base.