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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does Ozzie Deserve It?

Did Ozzie really say something wrong? Just because he said he loves Castro and admires him, does he deserves to be suspended five games? I understand why the Cuban people in Miami are all mad about what he said and I am pretty sure they want him out of Miami. Fidel has done many bad things to the Cubans, they way he has ran the country has not been the best way. Look, I was born and raised in Miami. I know how the Cubans in Miami can be hot heads sometimes, but what happen to freedom of speech though? I thought that here in the US, everyone had freedom of speech? Why is the Marlins organization blowing that little comment up?

Ozzie did not show so much admiration and love towards Fidel. They are just reacting to the love and admiring part, but he also mentioned that he disagreed with how Fidel has treated the people of Cuba and how he has treated the country. He also said that there is nothing to respect about Fidel. What the Marlins are trying to do is just keep their Cuban fan base. Since the stadium is smack down in the middle of Little Havana, they want the Cuban people in Miami to continue going to their games.

Their decision to suspend him was more of a business reason than showing respect to the Cuban community. For them to react that way is just a bit over board. I think I'll start a Free Ozzie campaign! Wash when he comes back and the Marlins go on a crazy winning streak, every Cuban that was mad about his comments will forget it and want him to stay in Miami.

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