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Monday, March 19, 2012

What Are They Thinking?

So they lose out on Manning and Flynn. The knuckleheads running the Dolphins organization is bringing them down the crapper. As a Dolphin fan, it is sad to see the franchise going the wrong direction. They begin by bringing in all the Dallas Cowboys rejects, drafting Chad Henne, and every other horrible decision Jeff Ireland along with Stephen Ross. I do not get how the Dolphins lost out to the Seahawks for Matt Flynn. Actually I do, Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross. You would think that with Philbin being the Dolphins coach, Matt Flynn would feel comfortable with his system and it would be an easy recruit for the Dolphins. Matt Flynn would have obviously been the starting QB compared to having to fight for the position in Seattle.

The Miami Dolphins have such a great history, but it has not been the same since Marino left, yes things have been shaky but not as bad as I feel the Dolphins are now. Big time free agents are not going to want to play in Miami until Ireland is gone. Which from what I have seen is that he is a a big time douche bag. The Dolphins are falling slowing as Miami's top franchises. When the teams needs to buy tickets in order for the game to be shown on TV, you had a serious problem. At the rate the Dolphins are going, less and less fans will be rooting for them.

What they need to do is, following the Miami Heat and Miami Marlins and start spending some money. Miami is a beautiful town, and can be a great place to live and play at. But if the team does not have a great vision, do not expect to have great players,


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