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Friday, March 9, 2012

What If Howard Leaves?

So Derrick Rose is tired of hearing all about the Dwight Howard drama. Can't lie, me too. Now the question I ask myself is how will the nation react if Dwight Howard decides to leave Orlando through free agency just like LeBron? Are people going to dislike Howard as much as thet disliked LeBron? Why did people even get mad about LeBron going to play in Miami? He was a free agent. Key word, free!

I think Howard will end up leaving. Orlando does not have the trading pieces to trade for another good player to play along with Howard. Teams will trade their best players only for Howard not Hedo and his huge contract. So lets say he does leave, will people burn his jersey? Will the Magics' owner talk smack about Howard like Dan Gilbert did? I really don't see it happening because I doubt Howard will do his own version of the "Decision".  Again if he becomes a FREE agent he can go anywhere.  But fans like to take things to heart and become over dramatic.  I'm pretty excited to see what happens with Orlando and Dwight Howard. 

On a side note, players can't always be too faithful to there teams. Look at Peyton Manning. The Colts decided to let him go because they are in a rebuilding process. Best of luck to Manning and Howard.


  1. The only reason people are mad at LeBron is because of the "Decision". Even though the money he got for it went to charity, the whole thing wasn't necessary. If he just said I'm going to Miami they wouldn't be as mad, you'l still hear the "He will never be Jordan" or "Kobe is Better". But the whole show was like a slap to the face to Cleveland.

  2. OK, lets say Dwight Howard does the Decision, would people be mad about that? People should not be mad at LeBron for doing the decision. People should be mad at themselves. Fans are the ones who hyped LeBron so much before he even enter the NBA. So with all that hype, his head has grown.