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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peyton Manning

With reports saying that the Colts are planning to release Peyton Manning tomorrow. The question is, where is he going to play next? Miami, Arizona, New York, Kansas City, or Seattle? I think that at this point of his career, playing outside in cold weather is not a option. He has played in a dome his entire career and the only team with a dome is Arizona. Hey Kurt Warner rejuvenated his career in Arizona. And I know Larry Fitzgerald would not mind catching deep passes from Peyton Manning. But I bet Brandon Marshall wouldn't mind either. Peyton Manning is obviously is a short term solution. Maybe a three year solution. That is if no serious injury happens to his neck.

I think his best choice is Miami or Arizona. Plus if he goes to Miami, he has the chance to really out due Tom Brady. The video of Peyton Manning practicing in Duke showed that he is still still throwing good. Which ever team he goes to, he will be an upgrade. I'm excited to see who he signs with once he is released.

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