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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bosh, Hurry Back!

So many people like to complain about Chris Bosh and have said that he is too soft. Shaq even said that Bosh was not part of the Big Three. If I can recall, when both Wade and LeBron were out against Atlanta, CB stepped up and brought his A game. The Heat barely won on Thursday and of course lost by one point on Friday, but it is still a loss in the lost column. And todays game against the Lakers, it was not that pretty.

Bosh makes a big difference both defensively and offensively. If Bosh was playing, Lebron would not had to defend Pau. Lebron is big, but Pau is still taller. Also, Lebron would have guarded Kobe. On offense, with Chris outside shot he would bring out one of the Lakers bigs which would allow more points in the paint.

I just think some Heat fans, and sports journalist such as Skip Bayless should lay off of Bosh. He goes out there and plays 100% everyday. His style of play is just different than the usual bigs of the NBA. All I have to say is, Bosh hurry back.

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