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Friday, March 2, 2012

Rajon Rondo

So it was said yesterday that Rajon Rondo was on the trading block, now Doc Rivers said that Rajon Rondo won't be dealt. It is not the first time that Rajon Rondo has been mentioned as part of a trade. Obviously the reason is he always being mentioned is because he is young, a true PG and he can be traded for other good young players. Pierce, Garnett and Allen are all old and other teams will not really trade for them unless they are in desperate need. So of course Rondo is their best trading piece. I also think that trading Rondo would not be a great idea. Rondo would be a good player to build a team around. With the Big Three getting closer to retiring, they need a piece to build around. The Celtics do not have anybody else in the team to build around except Rondo. I also think that you should not trade you best piece anywhere else except Orlando for Dwight Howard. March 15th is right around the corner. We'll see what happens before the trade deadline. Things always get more interesting on the last day.

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