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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Society Being Oversensitive?

So I am listening to ESPN First Take and one of the their topics on today's show was about our society being oversensitive with race. They mentioned about the Lin-sanity frozen yogurt and how Ben and Jerry's apologized about the frozen yogurt. If Lin is being oversensitive, it is tough for him. He is an athlete and will always be in the spotlight even after he retires. People are always going to comment on the fact the he is an Asian-American that played basketball instead of just saying he was a good basketball player. I understand that the game of basketball has been dominated by Blacks and Whites since the beginning of the sport. There has not been to many different races in the game of basketball. There has been a couple of Hispanics and a couple of Asians (not including Yao Ming) but they have not been as successful as Lin. If Lin or anyone else was offended about the frozen yogurt with fortune cookies flavor in it, I think they shouldn't. Ben and Jerry's made the ice-cream in Lin's honor. A writer that was on the show said that he was excited about the frozen yogurt especially having the fortune cookie flavor. He said that he even saw a couple of Asian-Americans in line waiting to buy the frozen yogurt. Many people are going to be excited because it was its cool now and people always want was is cool. Jeremy Lin has been the talk of sports for the past couple of weeks.

I guess  I am not as sensitive about race as other people. I grew up getting picked at because I was Hispanic or because some uneducated people believed that the only Hispanics that existed in the world were either Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Cuban. I have learned how to brush of racist/prejudiced comments so I did not see the frozen yogurt issue wrong. There are times that between race, it is OK for people to call themselves certain derogatory names but when other races call them the same way it is wrong. How am I suppose to know it is wrong from to call you a certain name if I have seen others call you that same name and it is OK for them to do it? Sometimes comments, names, or words can get out of line, but it does not always meant to harm someone. This is tough topic to discuss about but I thought it was interesting. Some people might not agree with what I said but it is just opinion and everyone is going to have a different opinion about this topic.

Here is the link to the discussion on ESPN First Take:

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