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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dwyane Wade vs Kobe Bryant

Alright as we all know, Dwyane Wade broke Kobe Bryant's nose during the All-Star game. Some people are saying that it is wrong for Wade breaking Kobe's nose. Wade was playing too aggressive for an All-Star. They even compared it to Pete Rose's All-Star collision. All they were trying to do is win a game. They are competitors, and they always want to win no matter if it is a pick up game or a practice game. I took a closer look at the foul and it actually did not look like an aggressive foul. It is not like Wade had was trying to intentionally brake Kobe's nose. Wade just tried to wrap his arms around Kobe to not allow him to score easily. All Wade was doing is playing defense.

Now I have read a couple of articles saying that Kobe is going to get his revenge on Sunday when the Miami Heat go to LA to face the Lakers. I think it is all bull. Kobe is a professional and knows that it was an honest foul, nothing intentional. The Lakers' fans are obviously going to take it another way and boo Wade the whole game. And they are going to take the foul more personal because Kobe Bryant got injured. People are just over reacting to this whole broken nose drama. But I do think that the game on Sunday will be as intense and as every other match up between the Lakers and the Heat. The Heat were out before the All-Star break and and I am sure they want to continue on that hot streak. I can't wait for Sunday's game!


  1. Wade is starting to become an enforcer, remember the Rondo incident during the playoff?

  2. I agree, Wade is just very passionate and competitive about the game. Like I stated, the foul was not aggressive but things happen.