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Monday, February 27, 2012

NBA All-Star Game/Weekend

First thing first, congrats to Kevin Durant for winning MVP and congrats to Kobe Bryant for passing Michael Jordan as the all time leading scorer in the All-Star games. Now, just like the NFL All-Star game, there was high scoring no defense. I can't lie, seeing flashy dunks and alley oops are always nice but I think some defense would have been nice as well. The dunks during the game were actually more impressive then the dunks in the Dunk Contest. Which I do not want to get into that, but the Dunk Contest was a total disappointment. Jumping over a motorcycle is not as impressive as jumping over the hood of a car. It just feels like lately the NBA is not trying as hard as before to get the fans excited about the All-Star weekend. Anyways, back to the main event. The West had 88 points at half time! There are teams in the NBA right now who are not even averaging that many points in a game.

 I have always thought that defense wins games and the East decided to really play basketball a bit too late. Plus Dwight Howard did not play like an All-Star. The NBA's dominant big man, did not show up. Dwyane Wade had as many rebounds as Dwight Howard did. For Dwight Howard to be the "host" of the All-Star game, he should be ashamed that he did not play as hard as he can. If Dwight Howard would have played harder, the East could have and should have won that game. Also looking at the team's stats, the East had better stats than the West. Again, no DEFENSE no W. Overall the All-Star weekend was OK. The Dunk Contest was not at all as entertaining as in the past. I think the NBA needs to tweak things around to make more entertaining. It is always the same thing every year and it is getting just as boring as the NFL All-Star game. Lets see how next year All-Star game will be.


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