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Friday, February 24, 2012

HEAT-KNICKS 2-23-2012

So last nights game was pretty intense upto the 7 minute mark in the 4th quarter. But as I stated in my last post, the Heat were going to find ways to stop Lin. Six turnovers in the first half and only two points. Like I had said, Lin hadn't faced a tough defense in his first 11 games. The Big Three played an amazing game. The Knicks looked almost zombie like on the floor except JR and Steve. The rest of the Heat team played up to their expectations and play hard.

A big surprise to last nights game was Joel Anthony. His offensive skills are not the best for the five spot but he is a great defender. He almost reminds of Alonzo Mourning during his prime years. I think a lot of people underestimate Joel Anthony. Lets not forgot that Detroit Pistons won their championship with an undersized center named Ben Wallace that was not good offensively but gave people hell defensevily.

I think the game was not rivalvry material yet but as long as the Knicks keep getting better, I see a rivalvry unfolding. The game was great, extremely entertaining and as a Heat fan, I am glad they came out with the W.

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