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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIIIIIGHT!!!!!! Tomorrow is the big game! The Miami Heat vs New York Knicks. D.Wade, King James and CB vs Linsanity, Melo, and Amare! This game is going to be intense. Maybe this will revive the rivalry the Heat and Knicks had in the late 90's.

This will be the first time Lin goes up againt one of the best defense in the NBA. On top of that, he might have to guard Wade. I'm not saying this will be easy for the Heat either. The Heat need to stop Lin from getting into the paint and try to not leave open men on the perimeter.

The Heat have been super hot these last seven games and I don't see them losing to the Knicks. I guess we all just need to wait for tomorrow.

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