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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Beast in the East!

Now my question is who is the team to beat in the east? Miami, Chicago, Knicks? Many people are starting to believe that the Knicks are a legit contender. The Knicks are not even a .500 team yet. Jeremy Lin is good but he still has to go through Derrick Rose, and Rajon Rondo. Seeing last nights game against the Nets, Lin had a difficult time defending Deron Williams.

I believe that the team to beat is still Miami. The Heat are currently playing their best basketball all season. Other than the Spurs, the Heat have the seconds longest winning streak with six. With the Knicks taking all the hype and limelight, the Heat are quietly doing what they best and that is winning games. Even the Spurs eleven game win streak has been over looked.

The Heat and the Bulls have the top defenses in the NBA. Under the D'Antoni system, defense does not exist. Once the playoffs roll around, it becomes more of a defense, half court game. Which the Heat are working on that. I'm a Heat fan so this may sound biased, but I am thinking of this as an NBA fan. Everything that has to do with the NBA right now is about Jeremy Lin and the Knicks. I do see the Knicks battling it out with the Bulls or Miami if the meet in the playoffs, but I do not see the Knicks beating them. This Thursday, we will get a taste of the Heat-Knicks playoff chance.

In my opinion defense is top priority and until the Knicks do not get better defensively, they will not be able to beat the Heat or the Bulls.

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