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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


So Jeremy Lin has taken the NBA by storm these last two weeks. He has the Knicks on a six game win streak,  outplayed Kobe Bryant, made the winning 3-point shot last night with .05 seconds left. This kid has shown that he knows how to play basketball real well. He has everyone and their grandmother talking about him.

Now, there are certain people who are comparing Jeremy Lin's success to Tim Tebow's "success". In reality, I say there are no comparisons at all! Well OK, the only comparison is that they are both religious. You can say that both Lin and Tebow bring energy to the team. That is it! I am not a huge Tim Tebow fan but you can not compare them. And it is not because they play different sports.

Tim Tebow was the #3 ranked QB in the nation coming out of high school! Tim Tebow received an athletic scholarship to attend Florida which at the time they had one of the top football programs in the nation. Florida was not the only school who was recruiting Tebow. Alabama, LSU, USC, and Michigan were also recruiting Tebow. In the other hand, Jeremy Lin was not recruited by any of the top basketball programs. Standford and UCLA only offered him a walk-in, while Harvard and Brown offered him a spot on their roster. Keep in mind, Ivy League schools do not offer any type of athletic scholarships. Lin chose to attend Harvard.

Seeing both play in the pro level, there is still no comparisons. Tim Tebow is a horrible QB. He is so bad at QB that I am even afraid to call him a QB. The Denver Broncos had to switch up their whole offensive plays in order to accommodate Tim Tebow's playing style. Jeremy Lin stepped in as the starting PG and the Knicks continue running the same plays. This season alone, Jeremy Lin has a higher FG%, then Tim Tebow's completion %. Plus, Tebow won two BCS Championships with Florida and a Heisman Trophy. You expect someone that was drafted in the first round to be a success in their sport. Jeremy Lin has been an underdog from the beginning. I say no comparison at all! What do you think?

If you want to hear what the crew from ESPN First Take, click on this link.

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