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Friday, May 31, 2013

Start Preparing?

  Ok so Miami's big three are all able to opt out of their current contracts after next season. There are rumors all ready swirling saying that LeBron will go back to Cleveland to play along with Kyrie. With Wade getting older, and getting injured more often especially with his knees, is it time for Pat Riley to start planning on what he is going to do if all 3 decide to opt out?

  The main goal is to keep LeBron pass next year. Winning a championship this year can change things. The Heat might want to go one more year with the same group, but is that a risk? Wade will be a year older and as we have seen, his numbers have dipped just a bit. Don't get me wrong, when Wade is healthy he is a great player but this past season he gave those type of games every once in a while. During the playoffs he has been a no show just like Bosh. Bosh is another one who can be very good but can slack off at times. Miami needs to find ways to get bigger, younger, and better. If they don't, they will be having troubles with Chicago and Indiana. 
  I know Pat Riley is loyal to his players especially players like Wade and UD, but it he needs to be proactive not reactive. If Pat decides not to be proactive and start making moves in order to help LeBron James and get younger, there's a chance they can lose him.  I know the idea sounds crazy but it is time to prepare and try to keep the best player in the NBA in Miami. 

  My suggestion is to see how the beginning of next season rides out but try to make moves in order to put Miami in great position for another run. 

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