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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Overreacting Fans!

   So the Miami Heat lost last night as we all know. Now we drives me insane is the fact that some not all, again let me make it clear. SOME, NOT ALL Heat fans start to over analyze things. The first reaction I have seen is ok Miami is done for it. We have lost the series. Miami is still well in this series. Ok last night they did not look like the same team from game 3. They will regroup and get it together for tomorrow. 

   My answer to all these "crazy over analyzing fans" is to calm down! The series is tied 2-2 and the Miami Heat have the best player in the NBA right now! I do recall last year there was a huge since of urgency when they were down to the exact same team last year without a Chris Bosh. I also recall when the Heat were down to Boston and LeBron won the series for Miami. 

   They are professionals and Coach Spo knows we he needs to do in order to put his team in position to win tomorrows game. Let Miami do their thing and us as fans, lets just sit back, relax and enjoy some playoff basketball. I was born and raised in Miami, I'm a die hard Heat fan. Rooted for them when they won only 15 games. But in any sport, the better team gets it together to come out on top. 

   I am still confident that Miami will get it together and eliminate the Pacers in 6. It's easier said then done but we need to have faith in them. 


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