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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Peyton Manning's Future

So Peyton Manning is saying that he is ready to play next season. The owner of the Colts is yet to speak to Manning about the future plans of Indy and what they are planning on doing with him. The Colts are obviously going to draft Andrew Luck. Now if I was Indy, I would stay with Manning for two or three more seasons and let Andrew Luck learn from Manning. There is not too many QB's that have immediate success their rookie years. There are not too many Dan Marino's, Peyton Manning's, or Cam Newton's being drafted. There has been many first round busts such as JaMarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, and J.P. Losman. Now I know Indy wouldn't want their QB of the future to be a bust because they played him to quick. I think Indy will be smart and do a Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers learning system. I think they are going to prep Andrew Luck and have him learn the Colts system. With a new coach coming in, he might want to start off fresh with Andrew Luck.



  1. I would be nice for Indy to do that. The only thing I see that is in the way is money. The Colts cannot afford two Big Contracts. If Indy didn't want to keep Manning then I can see him playing for Arizona. All they need is a QB.

  2. I see what you mean about the big contracts but I think investing right now will help the Colts in the future. What if Andrew Luck is a bust? That is a wasted contract and no good QB to fall on. At least giving him a season or two will help Indy see how Andrew Luck is progressing.