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Saturday, February 11, 2012


So all I've heard about this week is about Jeremy Lin. I have not seen the Harvard stand out play as of yet, but I am hearing good stuff about him. The Knicks are on a four game win streak and the reason is because of Lin. Both Melo and Amare were out these games. Now my question is, what is going to happen to Lin when Melo and Amare get back?
Right now they are playing team ball, but it will change once Melo and Amare gets back. Melo needs to ball in his hands in order to score and so does Amare. Amare's points dropped last year when Melo joined the team.
If the Knicks can continue to play as a team when Melo and Amare get back they will be scary. That's a BIG IF! Plus Melo and Amare don't play defense. Good luck to the Knicks and great job by Jeremy Lin.

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