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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wade or No Wade

For the past two weeks, I have been hearing different people talk about the Miami Heat play with Wade and how they play without Wade. I am a huge Heat fan so I watch all their games. When Wade is fully healthy, the Heat looks like a complete different team. When both LeBron and Wade are on the floor, they are one of the fastest if not the fastest team in the NBA. People like to argue that they have the same style of play, and that Wade and LeBron cannot play together. If I recall, they were just two games away from winning the Finals.

People have suggested to trade Wade for Howard, or have Wade come off the bench like he did for the Olympic team. I say SCRATCH that! The Heat need Wade on the floor. OK, yes he does get injured, but what player doesn't? They are athletes, of course they are going to get injured! Wade is not only a good crunch time player as he proved in the 2006 NBA Finals and got the nickname "Mr. Fourth Quarter", but he is one of the best blocking guards in the league. He is currently tied for 8th place in the league with 1.67 blocks per game this season. In his career he averages 1.0 blocks per game. His average is actually better than the best basketball player of all time, YES! Michael Jordan. In his career, Jordan averaged .80 blocks per game. With just one block, Wade can change the whole game.

Wade is just not a great blocker for his position, he is a great player over all. Getting rid of Wade is like the mistake Boston Red Sox did with Babe Ruth in 1919.

I think the Heat are still figuring things out. They signed Battier, and got Haslem and Miller back from injuries.  The Heat barely got to play the squad they had envisioned when they were signing all these players in their first year. Now being in Pat Riley's position and seeing how close they came to winning the finals in their first year, would you keep the Big Three together? Would you wait and see how the season plays out and then think of another plan? What exactly would you do?

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